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Mert Parsons

Wonderful post, April. I didn't know they were so important and will try to incorporate them into our diet somehow.
You're a champion! So glad Nia is finally better!
Love, Mert


Hi April, I had recently read about Chia, but didn't realize they had to be pre-treated in water. Great to know, thanks!


April, do you like sardines? Sardines are super good for you on the omega-3 side (and low mercury/toxins, since they're low on the food chain). My mom has introduced me to a bit of mayo spread on thin rye bread, with sardines on top. YUMMINESS. The Wild Planet sardines are particularly delicious.


Also, I didn't know about chia seeds - thanks for the overview!

Leah Mastilock

Thank you for sharing! I didn't know how important they were (Omega-3's). Now I want to run out and get some chia seeds!

Merv Fuller

They DON'T have to be treated with water. I've never heard any other person, writing about chia seeds, say this. I'd like to know where the writer got that info. Flax seeds have to be ground, or they won't digest. Chia seeds don't. Putting them in water is simply a convenient way of taking them. I put them in pancakes, waffles, and on my cereal. At times, I've just downed a scoop of them, followed by a water chaser.

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